Meditation for Beginners

meditation for beginnersMeditation can help a person relax and reduce some stress from their life . Meditation can help a get some time to themselves to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. There are some tips for beginners that can help them get started in meditation.
Start Out Small
To begin meditating all a person needs is three to five minutes. For a beginner this can feel like a long time. Start off by taking three deep breaths. As a person gets used to breathing they can increase the amount of time that they spend meditating. These deep breaths will help reduce stress and will help focus on overall health.
What Meditation Can Do For People
Meditation is a great way to help the body deal with stress. Most illnesses are caused by stress and anxiety. Meditation will help calm down nerves. Many people tend to worry about things beyond their control and they often over think things. Meditation will allow a person to focus on the sensation of breathing . It will also help with irritability and help a person focus on what is causing them high levels of stress.
Principals of Meditation
Meditation will help a person become aware of their minds and their thinking. A person will also learn how to redirect their attention back to one thought and learn how to focus on it without distraction.
Different Ways to Meditate
There are some ways in which a person can begin to meditate. One of the best exercises for beginners is walking meditation. All a person has to do to get started is to talk for a period of 10 minutes. During this time they should spend one minute paying attention to the way that the body feels when it is walking. They should also spend a minute focusing on their breath and breathing techniques. Also while walking take a minute and think about how the air or the wind feels when it touches the skin. Think about the sounds that are around and focus on that for a minute. Then think about the visual things that are around and focus on that for another minute. Five minutes of open awareness will help teach are person what is around them and the things in nature that surround them.
Forget All or Nothing
As helpful as meditation may be to a person there are few people that will have the time to meditate everyday. Life happens and sometimes meditation takes a back seat to work, children, and other daily activities. When a person first starts meditating they should try to meditate 11 days without a break. Then they should move onto eight days. This will allow a person to reduce their stress without trying to add more time restrains to their schedule.
Meditation can help a person get a clear head. They will have a productive way to handle stress and relax. These meditation techniques for beginners will help a person learn the art of meditating and will give them some useful tips to get started.


By Jess Lopez